Balos beach from the cliffside, blue water, white sand, headland in the distance

A Luxurious Family Escape to Crete

Whilst the cool drizzle of a spring afternoon in England dampened our spirits as we watched our pampered pets frolic in the grass, one of my neighbours approached me with a simple question: “Do you have any ideas for a family holiday in mid-October?” Little did she know that the answer would unlock a journey to an unforgettable paradise – a luxurious escape to Crete in Greece.

Zorbas beach sign between 2 billboard photographs on a backdrop of blue sea against a mountainside
Zorba's beach

Why Crete?

A luxurious escape to Crete, where ancient history meets modern elegance. This enchanting Greek island, the largest in the Mediterranean, boasts not only stunning landscapes but also a rich cultural heritage that captivates the senses. From the mesmerizing turquoise waters of its pristine beaches to the picturesque villages tucked away in the mountains, Crete offers a diverse range of experiences for every traveller. Whether it’s exploring the mythical birthplace of Zeus in the Ideon Cave or indulging in the mouthwatering flavours of Cretan cuisine, every moment here is a journey to remember. Crete’s natural beauty and warm hospitality are the ultimate source of inspiration, and when it comes to choosing the perfect destination for a family holiday, this ancient island doesn’t just fit the bill – it surpasses all expectations.

My resounding response was an enthusiastic “Crete, obviously!” And so, with the decision made, the planning began, culminating in the discovery of an extraordinary retreat that promised to be the heart of their Cretan adventure – a luxury 5-ensuite bedroom modern villa.

group of 6 photographs showing luxury villa with pool
A luxurious escape to Crete with a villa in Chania


Nestled in the embrace of Chania, a picturesque town on the northwestern coast of Crete, this villa embodies the essence of opulence and relaxation. Its design is a fusion of modern architecture and timeless elegance, an embodiment of the island’s contrasting yet harmonious spirit. The allure of both an indoor and outdoor pool, a wine cellar that whispers tales of local vineyards, and a sprawling kitchen fit for the family’s culinary enthusiasm, all comes together to create an environment that promises indulgence beyond measure.

boats in Chania Harbour blue sky and fluffy clouds
Chania Harbour, the bustling centre of activities for all tastes

Chania – the ideal place for a luxurious escape in Crete

And the location? Just a leisurely 25-minute walk from the old harbour in Chania. The prospect of wandering through narrow, cobbled streets that exude an old-world charm, only to find themselves at the water’s edge, is an adventure in itself. The old harbour, a melting pot of history and culture, offers a glimpse into Crete’s past as a crossroads of civilizations. The Venetian lighthouse stands as a sentinel, bearing witness to the passage of time.

As mid-October approaches, excitement is rippling through the family. The thought of exploring ancient archaeological sites, savouring authentic Greek cuisine, and relaxing on pristine beaches creates a symphony of anticipation. Their journey to Crete is not just a holiday; it’s an opportunity to forge multi-generational memories, to connect with each other and with the island’s rich tapestry.

view of Chania harbour with a palm tree and cloudy sky
Chania Harbour seen from outside the Maritime Museum of Crete
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