Roadtrip from Athens to Kalamata

Embark on a roadtrip from Athens to Kalamata and be captivated by a journey through Greece’s history. Enjoy stunning landscapes, and vibrant culture. This roadtrip takes you through three notable destinations: the Corinthian Canal, Nafplio, and Mystras. Each stop is characterized by its unique charm and historical significance. A diverse and enriching travel experience awaits.

Corinthian Canal

Begin your adventure in Athens, heading west toward the awe-inspiring Corinthian Canal. This engineering marvel connects the Aegean and Ionian Seas, offering breathtaking views of narrow cliffs and deep blue waters. Stop at viewpoints to capture stunning photographs and delve into the canal’s rich history and engineering ingenuity. Are you a thrill seeker? Then bungee jumping can be arranged on site to ensure the breathtaking effect of the Canal!


Continue your southwest journey to Nafplio, a coastal gem that once served as Greece’s first modern capital. Marvel at the blend of Venetian, Ottoman, and Greek architecture. Explore the Palamidi Fortress for panoramic views of the Argolic Gulf. Just off the coast, the Bourtzi Fortress awaits you on a small islet. Visit the lively harbour and historic landmarks, immersing yourself in Nafplio’s vibrant atmosphere. Stroll through narrow streets lined with colourful buildings and fortified walls. Stop for a bite of lunch or refreshments in one of the many eateries along your path.


As you journey further south into the Peloponnese, encounter Mystras, a UNESCO-listed site renowned for its well-preserved Byzantine ruins. Wander through labyrinthine streets, admiring intricately designed churches. Explore the impressive Palace of the Despots, all while enjoying panoramic hilltop views of the surrounding landscape. Experience a step back in time as Mystras provides a unique perspective on the region’s rich cultural heritage.


Conclude your road trip in Kalamata, a coastal city renowned for its olives and olive oil. Appreciate the lush landscape of olive groves and azure waters as you reach Kalamata. Explore the picturesque waterfront, unwind on the beach, and savour local cuisine, including the renowned Kalamata olives. Don’t forget to try the olives, known for their distinct flavour and quality. The city’s blend of modern amenities and traditional Greek charm provides the perfect conclusion to your enriching journey.

This roadtrip from Athens to Kalamata, with stops at the Corinthian Canal, Nafplio, and Mystras, covers approximately 250 miles from Athens International Airport to the centre of Kalamata and is just one tiny example of activities available on mainland Greece and quickly accessible from Athens airport. Whether you’re captivated by ancient architecture, fascinated by engineering marvels, or simply seeking to experience the rich tapestry of Greek culture, this journey offers a memorable adventure filled with discoveries at every turn.

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